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Hill International is a global business providing services to clients involved in a wide variety of major construction projects. These services include project management, program management, cost estimating and engineering, construction management, scheduling, inspection, quality assurance, claims avoidance and risk management. Hill International has a total of 500 billion dollars of construction value across more than 10,000 project assignments to date.

One of the lead architects at Hill International is design director John Hiscocks, who has won several awards for his construction projects. Engineering News-Record magazine ranks Hill International as the 8th largest firm of its type in the United States.

Experience and Expertise

The team at Hill International has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions to clients around the globe. Risk management is a large part of any major construction project – Hill International is on hand to assist clients in identifying any potential risks that may be encountered and implement ways to protect the project from these.

The advantages to clients of using Hill International services include the combination of internationally recognised experts in the industry with region-specific knowledge. This includes understanding of any relevant factors such as region-specific opportunities, risks, nuances and conditions.

The independent nature of Hill International provides yet another benefit to clients. There is never any conflict of interest in the support provided, as the firm concentrates solely on for-fee-only project management, without bringing in contracting or design services. Hill International combines these strengths to add value to each project that is undertaken. The short video attachment looks at a recent award won by Hill International for services provided to a project in Miami.

Global Reach

As the name suggests, Hill International has a global reach. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the firm has seven further offices in the United States and Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and the Asian Pacific, North Africa and Australia, covering all primary regions of the world.

As of December 2016, Hill International employed more than 4,400 people worldwide and has been involved in an expansion programme for the past few years. This has included the acquisition of several important subsidiaries since 2005, including JR Knowles in the UK in 2006, KJM and Associates in the United States in 2007, Gerens in Spain in 2007, and Euromost Polska in Poland in 2008.

Further US acquisitions include Chitester Consulting (2008), PCI Group (2008) and TRS Consultants, Inc. (2010). Expansion in the UK has involved the acquisition of Maple Consult (2005), Pickavance Consulting (2006), John Shreeves & Partners (2008) and Cadogans (2014).

Binnington Copeland Associates in South Africa was acquired by Hill International in 2013, while Brazil’s Engineering S.A. was fully acquired by the Gerens Hill International S.A. subsidiary in 2011. You will find some important investor information in the PDF attachment to this post.

Careers at Hill International

As one of the largest construction management firms in the world, Hill International strives to offer every client the same high quality, premier services it is renowned for. The company therefore reaches out to the most talented and motivated professionals in the industry, rewarding outstanding performance and providing myriad opportunities for personal growth.

The satisfaction of its clients is the foundation of Hill International’s success, which means professionals – who are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding client expectations – are highly valued. The strategy at Hill International for continuous growth means that there are always new and exciting opportunities for career progression in the pipeline. In the infographic attachment you will find just a few of the number one rankings Hill International has achieved in recent years.