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Jefferson Sheard Architects is one of the most prominent architecture firms in England. Since its founding in 1958, the firm has designed and built many iconic buildings, especially in the company’s home town of Sheffield. Over the years, Jefferson Sheard Architects has lead the way in a wide range of projects covering a variety of sectors including travel, healthcare, education, retail and residential.

The company was founded by Bryan Jefferson and Gerry Sheard in Sheffield. Starting out with small projects, the firm quickly became well known in the area. Just 10 years after opening, the firm took on one of its best-known projects: The Moore Street Substation. This building is an iconic landmark in the town, both loved and hated by its citizens. In 2010, floodlighting was added to highlight the historic construction. To further recognise the building’s importance, Historic England listed the substation with grade II status in 2013.

As the firm grew, additional offices were established. In 1964, Jefferson Sheard Architects opened its London office. Constantly taking on new projects, the firm’s success became well-known. By the 1970s, the architecture and design firm also worked on projects abroad in the Middle East.

Founder Bryan Jefferson led the Royal Institute of British Architects as the president from 1979-1981, giving the firm even greater prestige. A skilled architect and visionary, Jefferson would become known as the “Man of Concrete” following his death in 2014.

Jefferson Sheard Architects grew the company steadily, opening an office in Peterborough in the 1980s. Despite the recession during this time period, the firm continued to attain important projects in the travel and infrastructure industry.

By 2000, the company was ready to carry out its latest expansion: adding an office to Manchester. Led by regional director John Hiscocks, architect and design director, the offices were successfully established within a short period of time. The establishment of this office opened the doors to a great variety of high profile projects in the area. Mainly in the transportation industry, these projects included the redevelopment of the Manchester, Bolton and Eccles mainline rail stations, the Liverpool Parkway Rail and Bus Interchange, and the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive Metrolink.

Today, Jefferson Sheard Architects continues to operate in four offices across the country. With a team of over 40, the firm has grown extensively since its early days. The company continues to be recognised for its excellent designs and innovations in technology and infrastructure. Recently, two of the company’s projects, an extension at the Andrew Kean Learning Centre at Leeds Trinity University and the Operational Fire Station at Brough, Hull, have been shortlisted in the regional Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 2018 Awards.

With a vision towards a sustainable future, Jefferson Sheard Architects seeks to offer a positive impact on the built environment. The firm’s range of design services go far beyond basic architecture and construction. Today, the company also employs interior and landscape designers in order to meet a full range of client needs.

Thanks to the many people who have served at Jefferson Sheard Architects over the years, the blueprint of the company has been one of success. From its beginnings in contributing to post-war architecture that has been recognised as a historic treasure to modern, innovative building structures, Jefferson Sheard has evolved over time. The future of the company is bright, as it can draw on the experience of its extensive past while also engaging in the latest creative trends and technologies as it moves forward.