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Omrania Architects is one of the leading architectural and engineering consultancy firms based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has established a track record of delivering according to clients’ needs. Since it was established in 1973, Omrania has successfully worked on multiple building and infrastructure projects within Saudi Arabia and in other regions such as North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The company has been at the forefront of some of the most dazzling architectural designs in Riyadh, including the Tuwaiq Palace, the CMA Headquarters and the Kingdom Center.

For much of its history, Omrania has focused on delivering consistent design quality to the organisations, business firms and government entities that it works with. The firm aims to partner with its clients throughout the project lifecycle, making sure that the result are for the greater good of society. Within its ranks is a multi-cultural team that’s led by an experienced management team.

The firm provides architecture and engineering services across a vast array of projects, which range from single structures to complex, multi-floor projects. The knowledge of taking on these projects is based on Omrania’s ability to figure out the key challenges that each assignment brings and use its first-hand experience to overcome them. For every project, the services offered are end-to-end, meaning Omrania can be there from the conceptualisation of the design all the way through to the construction administration process (which includes site supervision).

Where necessary, Omrania also collaborates with other engineering and international architectural firms on projects within the country and the greater Middle East. These joint ventures enable the firm to work with other experienced consultants in providing services that Omrania may not have in-house, which include transportation engineering, medical planning, vertical transportation, acoustic and vibration engineering, wind engineering for tall buildings, and fire and life safety engineering.

Great Architecture

One of the distinct features of Omrania’s work, from an architectural perspective, is the design of structures that are beautiful, sustainable and functional, and fit within the desired context. To ensure that clients get what they need, the team at Omrania maintains a clear understanding of the environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects that can impact the solution. The firm understands that various clients will prioritise these factors differently, so it takes a pragmatic view that ensures all strategies adopted deliver on the promised value.

Since the team at Omrania is diverse regarding skills and knowledge, the firm combines its knowledge to come up with integrated design solutions. John Hiscocks is among many professionals who have worked at Omrania and contributed, first-hand, to the development of high-value projects. Between May 2011 and June 2014, Mr. Hiscocks was Chief Architect at the firm, leading a team of 12 handpicked senior architects, engineers and associated administrative staff in working on the multi-billion-dollar King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) project in Riyadh.

Among the more prominent projects in Saudi Arabia that Omrania has been involved in is the construction of the Kingdom Center, which was considered the tallest building in Saudi Arabia in the 2000s. The Kingdom Center, located in the middle of the capital city’s retail district, occupies approximately 96,000 square-metres and is a mixed-use building that highlights a 300-metre tower, parking for more than 3,000 cars, and a three-level Podium.

The Kingdom Center embodies a unique design that is not only symbolic of what Riyadh represents but also captures the artistic prowess of the team at Omrania. The elliptical building has a curved opening in its upper levels that showcases an inverted catenary arch. At the top, an observatory bridge measuring 200-feet long is built over the arch, making the design visible for miles.