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About John Hiscocks


John Hiscocks has worked as a design director for more than 30 years. He is a performance-driven and results-oriented senior management professional who’s worked on various projects in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Over the years, he’s gained a reputation for leading design teams to success, delivering multi-million-pound iconic buildings to some of the most challenging clients in the industry. Some of the projects Mr. Hiscocks has been part of have won national awards, as well as generating substantial fee income for the design firms contracted to deliver.

On all the projects he’s worked on, John Hiscocks has taken the role of either Design Director or Chief Architect. Some of these assignments include work on two national museums (where he was the project leader and contract administrator); the building of six 5-star hotels (associated with the Jumeirah, Starwood and Intercontinental brands); construction of 1,200 ‘super-luxury’ high-rise apartments; the building of four luxury shopping malls; and high-rise office buildings.

Mr. Hiscocks’ career began in the early 1980s, when he was a partner at Bailey Hiscocks Partnership for two years before joining Brosley Homes as the Regional Architect for Cheshire in 1983. After three years working there, he became an Equity Partner at Sheard Walshaw Partnership, where he was responsible for the design and delivery of several key developments for the Morrison’s supermarket chain, as well as a number of business and industrial parks.

In 1996 he took an entrepreneurial step by opening his own consulting firm Hiscocks Architecture. The firm became a respected provider of a diverse range of projects from £0.5 million to £10 million in budget. The company secured and delivered many assignments, generated fees in excess of £1.2 million, and won over 15 major clients.

After five years of leading his firm, Mr. Hiscocks joined Jefferson Sheard Architects as the Regional Director. Here, he led the establishment of the firm’s Manchester office, and was the point of contact and liaison with the firm’s clients: Network Rail and GMPTE. At Jefferson Sheard, John Hiscocks delivered the largest and highest profile projects. One of the largest transportation projects that the office had was the £35 million Liverpool Parkway Rail and Bus Interchange development.

He then worked at AEW architects as an Associate Director and worked on major public buildings and large residential projects. In 2006 he won the Refurbishment Building of the Year Award for a major refurbishment of a Victorian Cotton Mill into 108 apartments. This was the first phase in a project for 465 apartments.  He was also the lead architect on two National Museum projects.

He would later move on to work with Omrania Architects in Saudi Arabia (where he worked on a $20 billion design and build project), and Hill International in Doha, Qatar, where he is currently the lead architect.