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John Hiscocks


John Hiscocks is an experienced and successful design director who has worked in the construction industry for more than three decades. This blog has been established to discuss his professional experience and the essential skills he’s developed during his career.

Key Skills

John Hiscocks’ 30-plus years in the industry have enabled him to develop a number of key skills that are crucial to delivering according to the project and the client requirements. He is particularly skilled in stakeholder management, where he’s developed a track record of establishing strong collaborative relationships with external and internal stakeholders. While working for AEW Architects, he led a team from Buro Happold, Turner and Townsend and Redman Design (exhibition designers) that won an international architectural competition. The team developed the design for an iconic £55 million ‘The Saxon King’ museum situated in the South of England on the Thames Estuary.

John Hiscocks is also an expert in managing projects with cross-functional teams and supervising the use of resources through clear planning and in line with stakeholder and top management approvals. He was instrumental in leading a team of architects, engineers and associated staff to work on the King Abdullah Financial District, which in 2011 was the largest project of its kind in the world.

During his career Mr. Hiscocks has also developed bid management skills, which are important in preparing contracts and tenders, and process improvement procedures, which has helped to develop a business architecture strategy based on a wider awareness of the business environment.

Professional Experience

John Hiscocks currently acts as the lead architect for Hill International, Doha Office, Qatar, to work on the Qatar Rail Metro Project which is being commissioned for the 2022 World Cup. He was appointed in June 2016 to handpick a team of 20 architects who are both office and site-based to manage the work on six underground metro stations. His responsibilities include organising the team and defining their roles and responsibilities, providing weekly reports to the client CEO, and managing the wishes of the client in ensuring timely delivery of the project.

Before this role, Mr. Hiscocks had worked with other firms in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He was the Chief Architect for a $20 billion design and build project in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.